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Individualized dentures are a convenient option for restoring missing teeth. These prosthetic pieces can make it easier to speak and bite into food with confidence and will even improve the appeal of your smile after tooth loss. Our dental team at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group is experienced with full and partial detachable and implant-supported dentures for individuals in Wellesley, MA and surrounding areas. Full-arch dentures take the place of all of the teeth in the upper arch, bottom arch, or both, whereas partial dentures are offered when a number of the teeth are still in the mouth. At Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group, our staff can help you discover whether detachable or implant-supported dentures are best for your dental issues and have them carefully crafted for an appealing look and cozy fit. Arrange a denture evaluation to get started.

Adapting to your specific needs is essential to us. This is why our Wellesley, MA team provides a number of individualized denture options for tooth restoration:

  • Detachable bridge-style dentures fill in open areas left behind by one or many lost teeth. They are kept in their location by discreetly latching to nearby teeth.
  • Removable full dentures replace an entire top or bottom arch and are secured by either the natural contour of the jaw or by an oral glue.
  • Implant-supported dentures fill in for some or an entire arch of teeth. These restorations are put on top of your oral implants in the jaw for higher sturdiness.
  • Immediate complete dentures are put in as soon as the natural teeth are taken out. The fit of these restorations might be altered as the gum tissues recover.
  • Traditional full dentures are provided if you have had teeth previously extracted and the oral cavity is totally healed.

I originally came to Dr Rafla in 2021 for an implant. I live in CT and I wasn't able to get an appointment in my area. Dr Rafla was recommended so I called. I got an appointment with a couple days. The implant was perfect and Dr Rafla is amazing. I have a dentist in Connecticut but I continue to see Dr. Rafla every six months for a cleaning and check up. The hygienists do an amazing job. My cleanings at Dr Rafla's office just feel cleaner than my regular dentist. I end up paying out of pocket, but it's worth it for the cleaning and the check up.

J.K. Yelp

Dr. Lee did an outstanding job on my 2 crows. Her assistant Jessica was very helpful during the procedure. Elizabeth is a wonderful hygienist and very knowledgeable. Liz at the desk was very helpful regarding my dental insurance questions. The Wellesley Office location is clean, bright, parking is available on-site with multiple spots. Office provide friendly environment. Thank you.

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Second root canal I have had with her. She is terrific!!

S.C. Google

Today was my first experience with Dr. Rafla and his wonderful, efficient, but most of all kind staff. I went to this very much dreaded appointment with no idea of what to expect. My poor teeth are so sore and they are making everything difficult. I have horrible gagging reflex which makes everything harder for those that are trying to take x rays to be able to guide me into having a proper diagnosis and treatment. Trust me when I say I was a difficult patient. I expected the doctor to say there wasn’t much hope for them. Instead after reviewing what I was giving him to work with he listed off the perfect game plan. All aspects would be easier on me and my issues and seem to offer a perfect solution. I hope Coach Bill Belechick has competition in writing a game plan. Dr Rafla can give him a run for his money. In no time at all Dr. Rafla had a plan devised to ease my pain and fix the pockets in my gums. I am anxious now to correct these problems and move forward with the plan Thank you Dr. Rafla and team for being both gentle and kind with me today.

D.W. Google

I had a few root canals done at my dentist and then the teeth cracked and needed to be extracted. I lived with the missing teeth till I found Dr Rafla and he explained that I needed a bone graph since it they had been missing so long..that took six months for the bone to regenerate and give him the depth for the implants...the implants were painless and done correctly I have been going back to them for 2 yrs to monitor the implant, check my receding gums and get a extensive cleaning every 6 months. I was then able to go back to my doctor and get Invisalign treatment. Without Dr Rafla this would not be possible. Yes I could have bought a new car, but I also could have had dental problems the rest of my life..I now don't worry and my smile is straight again.

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You may be a candidate for dentures if you have lost any number of teeth or need to have teeth taken out. Dentures work to elevate your oral function, let you consume nutritious foods, and help maintain your facial structure. These pieces work best if your gums are in good condition and there is a sustainable amount of bone for support. We will examine your mouth and discuss your potential treatment options depending on your dental issues, aesthetic goals, and finances. Using this information, our professionals will be able to help you determine if dentures are ideal for you and the style that might efficiently fit your unique situation.

Our staff will kick off the denture process by taking impressions of your upper and lower arches. These impressions are then given to a highly advanced dental lab that will create your individualized dentures. Full and partial dentures comprise lightweight resin, which is often supported by an internal metal frame. Crafted with high-quality materials, dentures are meant to mimic the look of actual teeth and gums. Once your dentures are finished and arrive at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group, we will ask you to come back for a fitting visit. We will adjust your dentures, so they fit comfortably or attach them to already-positioned titanium posts. We will also go over the ideal methods to best care for your dentures.

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It could take up to a month before eating and talking feel like normal again, but they will become more natural over time. You will be shown how to take care of your dentures by cleaning them with a gentle brush after each meal and placing them in water while you sleep to prevent them from becoming too dry. In cases where your dentures feel like they are too loose, don't hesitate to get in touch with Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group so we can schedule an adjustment appointment. We ask you to stop by our facility for routine assessments so we can keep track of the state of your dentures and your general dental health for a number of years in the future.

Dentures could be covered in part under several insurance programs. Our team will get in touch with your insurance provider to assess your extent of coverage, then we will inform you of any additional expenses. Throughout your visit, we will tailor your treatment plan so your restorations suit both your needs and wallet. To help make sure that the tooth replacement process is affordable, Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group accepts multiple types of payments, such as flexible payment plans.

Regain the capability to eat, speak without embarrassment, and smile with assurance after losing teeth when you get a personalized tooth replacement at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group. Our dental team is proud to offer full and partial detachable and implant-held dentures to our patients in and around Wellesley, MA. To learn how dentures may enhance your smile, arrange an appointment at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group.

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