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Injured or deteriorating teeth are frequently treated using a filling or a different form of restoration when they are detected and dealt with in the early stages. However, if the decay spreads to the core of the tooth (also known as the pulp), a root canal is sometimes required to restore oral function and protect the tooth from extraction. A root canal is a specialized service provided at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group to take out contaminated inner tooth tissue and seal off the vulnerable tooth to regain dental health. Our dental team corrects abscessed or internally damaged teeth with thorough root canal therapy utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. If you find yourself with a severely damaged or abscessed tooth, contact our Wellesley, MA office today to find out about the health upsides of modern root canal treatment.

Abscessed inner pulp might be a result of significant cavities, a deep crack, or an accident. Prior to a root canal, we will take a digital scan of your mouth and conduct an oral exam to find out if a root canal or other option is needed to alleviate tooth pain and save your dental wellness.

Regular symptoms that may signal the need for a root canal include:

  • Intense or throbbing tooth discomfort
  • Constant dental pain
  • Pain when biting
  • Sensitivity to higher and cold temperatures
  • Swelling focused around the lower face or gum tissues
  • A painful lump around the gum tissues
  • Discoloration in a tooth after a wound


Second root canal I have had with her. She is terrific!!

S.C. Google

I had a root canal with Dr. Marta Rafla. She and everyone I've worked with in her office is incredibly nice, considerate, and professional. My root canal was quick and painless too! I was so very happily surprised with how pleasant my entire experience was. I don't usually rate and review on Google, but this office deserves the public recognition!

J.M. Google

I had a few root canals done at my dentist and then the teeth cracked and needed to be extracted. I lived with the missing teeth till I found Dr Rafla and he explained that I needed a bone graph since it they had been missing so long..that took six months for the bone to regenerate and give him the depth for the implants...the implants were painless and done correctly I have been going back to them for 2 yrs to monitor the implant, check my receding gums and get a extensive cleaning every 6 months. I was then able to go back to my doctor and get Invisalign treatment. Without Dr Rafla this would not be possible. Yes I could have bought a new car, but I also could have had dental problems the rest of my life..I now don't worry and my smile is straight again.

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At our cutting-edge dental facility, we utilize state-of-the-art methods, in addition to local anesthesia, to provide additional comfort during the root canal procedure. When the tooth is dulled, a covering is placed to safeguard your teeth and gums. We will create a small opening in the top of the tooth so we can access the inside of the tooth. The pulp, the structure that holds the neural tissue and blood supply inside of each tooth, will be taken out, and the inner canal will be modified utilizing professional endodontic instruments prior to fully sanitizing the tooth. We will then protect the damaged tooth with a medical-grade material and finish it off with a sedative filling to encourage the healing process.

All of the tooth pain you were having before your endodontic therapy should begin to go away as soon as the root canal is over. Store-bought pain relievers can be used to lessen any aches or swelling related to your treatment. We will arrange a follow-up session a couple of weeks later so we can monitor your progress. Teeth restored with endodontic therapy are more prone to deterioration and usually require the shielding properties of a crown as soon as they're completely healed. A custom-made crown can be created to further enhance the function and natural look of the tooth.

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In most cases, this kind of therapy is paid for (to some degree) by most dental insurance providers. Someone from our team will reach out to your provider and let you know of your personal expenses. At Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group, we are proud to accept multiple payment methods and can help you find affordable medical financing alternatives.

Diseased or abscessed teeth could cause a large number of oral and overall wellness problems if ignored or not addressed. However, because of new discoveries in the dental industry, a root canal could be a beneficial way to rescue your tooth and your oral health. Offered at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group, root canal therapy is provided to individuals in Newton, Needham, and surrounding Massachusetts communities to relieve tooth pain and restore oral health. Call our office in Wellesley, MA to set up a dental exam to learn more about our methods for endodontic therapy, including root canal therapy.

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