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What Is Perio Protect?

The Perio Protect Method™ is a nonsurgical gum condition treatment designed for patients diagnosed with gum (periodontal) problems. Made for at-home use, the approach works through a personalized, patented Perio Tray™ containing a specialized sealing system. The mouth tray can be placed firmly over the teeth to transport a prescription hydrogen peroxide gel deep beneath the gums. The medicine treats harmful, infectious bacteria to enhance gum wellness and help avoid the development of gum conditions. Perio Protect could be given in conjunction with other gum disease therapies or if alternative selections have not been optimal. If you would like to hear more about this treatment or to connect with a dentist who provides Perio Protect in Wellesley, MA, please reach out to Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group now.

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Am I a Candidate for the Perio Protect Method?

Perio Protect provides a comfortable, convenient, and simple method to address periodontal conditions within the comfort of your home. The right patients for this therapy technique usually include:

  • Those who have received or are experiencing gum condition care (osseous surgery or scaling and root planing)
  • Those dealing with gingivitis or periodontitis

Gum disease might impact your dental and comprehensive wellness in numerous ways and can cause missing teeth and worrisome health risks when it is not treated. A handful of the more widespread markers and indicators of periodontal disease involve:

  • Gumline recession
  • Tooth loosening
  • Bad breath
  • Inflamed or uncomfortable gum tissue
  • Gums that bleed when brushing or flossing

When you have any symptoms or signs of periodontal conditions, please let our dental team know so we can determine whether Perio Protect is an option for you.

Dr. Lee did an outstanding job on my 2 crows. Her assistant Jessica was very helpful during the procedure. Elizabeth is a wonderful hygienist and very knowledgeable. Liz at the desk was very helpful regarding my dental insurance questions. The Wellesley Office location is clean, bright, parking is available on-site with multiple spots. Office provide friendly environment. Thank you.

Anonymous Vitals

Second root canal I have had with her. She is terrific!!

S.C. Google

Today was my first experience with Dr. Rafla and his wonderful, efficient, but most of all kind staff. I went to this very much dreaded appointment with no idea of what to expect. My poor teeth are so sore and they are making everything difficult. I have horrible gagging reflex which makes everything harder for those that are trying to take x rays to be able to guide me into having a proper diagnosis and treatment. Trust me when I say I was a difficult patient. I expected the doctor to say there wasn’t much hope for them. Instead after reviewing what I was giving him to work with he listed off the perfect game plan. All aspects would be easier on me and my issues and seem to offer a perfect solution. I hope Coach Bill Belechick has competition in writing a game plan. Dr Rafla can give him a run for his money. In no time at all Dr. Rafla had a plan devised to ease my pain and fix the pockets in my gums. I am anxious now to correct these problems and move forward with the plan Thank you Dr. Rafla and team for being both gentle and kind with me today.

D.W. Google

I had a few root canals done at my dentist and then the teeth cracked and needed to be extracted. I lived with the missing teeth till I found Dr Rafla and he explained that I needed a bone graph since it they had been missing so long..that took six months for the bone to regenerate and give him the depth for the implants...the implants were painless and done correctly I have been going back to them for 2 yrs to monitor the implant, check my receding gums and get a extensive cleaning every 6 months. I was then able to go back to my doctor and get Invisalign treatment. Without Dr Rafla this would not be possible. Yes I could have bought a new car, but I also could have had dental problems the rest of my life..I now don't worry and my smile is straight again.

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I had a root canal with Dr. Marta Rafla. She and everyone I've worked with in her office is incredibly nice, considerate, and professional. My root canal was quick and painless too! I was so very happily surprised with how pleasant my entire experience was. I don't usually rate and review on Google, but this office deserves the public recognition!

J.M. Google


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How Does Perio Protect Work?

In order to commence the Perio Protect technique, our team will create molds of your top and bottom teeth. These molds will be taken to the Perio Protect lab, during which your Perio Trays are custom-crafted for a snug fit. After your trays get to our practice, you will return to fit them in and review your individualized treatment strategy. Our staff can show you how to place a tiny quantity of Perio Protect gel in the trays and position them in place. It is vital to apply your trays as instructed by our team, which might initially include using them for 10 – 15 minutes 2 – 3 times a day. Supplemental visits may be set up at our Wellesley, MA dental office so our team will be able to track your therapy development and periodontal health.

What Can I Expect After Using Perio Protect?

Your dentists can ascertain the length of time and how often the Perio Protect system needs to be utilized. After treatment, a lot of individuals enjoy reduced bleeding and gumline swelling, better gum pocket measurements, and a more healthy dental environment overall. As a further advantage, the Perio Protect medication helps brighten your smile and improve your breath. Maintaining frequent brushing and flossing standards and standard oral appointments are important for obtaining the best possible treatment results and preserving periodontal health.

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Does Insurance Cover Perio Protect?

The cost of Perio Protect can be taken care of in part by a few different dental insurance plans. Our staff can work with you to review your insurance coverage and provide you with an estimate of any remaining costs. At Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group, we aim to keep oral treatment accessible for you and your family and welcome a few different payment selections for your convenience.

Protect Your Smile Against Gum Disease

Improving periodontal conditions with professional help is key to sustain your dental health and safeguard your smile. Perio Protect from Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group can be good for individuals at varying stages of periodontal conditions and can potentially lessen the requirement for surgical periodontal treatment. For further details on gum disease or to consult with a Perio Protect dentist in Wellesley, MA, please get in touch with our practice for a consultation.

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