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An accident can happen at any time. For example, maybe you take a bad step, trip, and chip a tooth. Sometimes a tooth can even become discolored as a result of an illness or medication. Our dental team at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group performs dental bonding and contouring to correct certain cosmetic flaws at our office in Wellesley, MA. A fast but effective cosmetic treatment, bonding and contouring is the process of applying composite resin (the same material used for tooth-colored fillings) to mask discoloration, reduce spaces between gapped teeth, lengthen a tooth, and even improve a tooth's shape. Many of our Brookline, Needham, and Newton, MA patients enjoy being able to rectify their smile with this quick and effective treatment. To enhance the appearance of your smile, make an appointment to get more information about bonding and contouring treatments at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group.

Cosmetic bonding and contouring may fix chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration, tooth length, and other flaws. Bonding and contouring is a more affordable cosmetic dental treatment than porcelain veneers or other options and can usually be done in one appointment. It does not require the prep work of crowns or veneers; however, it isn’t as strong and generally doesn’t last as many years. Dental bonding and contouring is good for minor flaws, but if you need more extensive improvements, another cosmetic or restorative procedure may be considered. During a one-on-one consultation, we will listen to your goals and then decide if bonding and contouring is right for you or if you would benefit from another cosmetic treatment.

Patient with Dr Rafla for 25 yrs - After a car accident at 19 yrs old my only option back then was dental bridges. At 40 yrs old with nerve pain & failing bridgework I saw Dr. Rafla for implants.He is a total professional & expert periodontist, as well as kind, caring person. My implants have not failed in 25 yrs. I moved to Maine to retire and when told to see a local periodontist I couldn't start with someone new. I drove 3 hrs back to Worcester, MA for a consult because I trust Dr. Rafla.

E.P. Healthgrades

I originally came to Dr Rafla in 2021 for an implant. I live in CT and I wasn't able to get an appointment in my area. Dr Rafla was recommended so I called. I got an appointment with a couple days. The implant was perfect and Dr Rafla is amazing. I have a dentist in Connecticut but I continue to see Dr. Rafla every six months for a cleaning and check up. The hygienists do an amazing job. My cleanings at Dr Rafla's office just feel cleaner than my regular dentist. I end up paying out of pocket, but it's worth it for the cleaning and the check up.

J.K. Yelp

Dr. Lee did an outstanding job on my 2 crows. Her assistant Jessica was very helpful during the procedure. Elizabeth is a wonderful hygienist and very knowledgeable. Liz at the desk was very helpful regarding my dental insurance questions. The Wellesley Office location is clean, bright, parking is available on-site with multiple spots. Office provide friendly environment. Thank you.

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Second root canal I have had with her. She is terrific!!

S.C. Google

Today was my first experience with Dr. Rafla and his wonderful, efficient, but most of all kind staff. I went to this very much dreaded appointment with no idea of what to expect. My poor teeth are so sore and they are making everything difficult. I have horrible gagging reflex which makes everything harder for those that are trying to take x rays to be able to guide me into having a proper diagnosis and treatment. Trust me when I say I was a difficult patient. I expected the doctor to say there wasn’t much hope for them. Instead after reviewing what I was giving him to work with he listed off the perfect game plan. All aspects would be easier on me and my issues and seem to offer a perfect solution. I hope Coach Bill Belechick has competition in writing a game plan. Dr Rafla can give him a run for his money. In no time at all Dr. Rafla had a plan devised to ease my pain and fix the pockets in my gums. I am anxious now to correct these problems and move forward with the plan Thank you Dr. Rafla and team for being both gentle and kind with me today.

D.W. Google


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Bonding and contouring is usually performed in a single appointment at our office in Wellesley, MA. You should not need any anesthesia as this is a noninvasive and relatively simple procedure. As soon as you're comfortable, we will begin applying the bonding material to the needed teeth. The bonding material will be set before more layers are added. We add the bonding in layers to ensure we get the correct amount for your needs and to create a natural and even look. After the bonding process is set, we will contour and polish the composite resin and your natural teeth for an even result.

After you've had dental bonding and contouring, it's important to avoid staining drinks and food (such as tea, coffee, and tobacco) for at least 48 hours. Additionally, the composite resin can chip, so do not bite down on hard objects such as ice cubes, pens, and your fingernails. Teeth that have been bonded and contoured should be cleaned like natural teeth with daily flossing and brushing; this is particularly important because the resin can stain and will not be affected by teeth whitening products. However, professional dental cleanings at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group can help to polish away stains from the bonding material. With proper care, dental bonding may last up to 10 years. At your annual dental examination, we can help you decide if the cosmetic bonding and contouring procedure needs to be re-done to maintain your appearance.

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Dental bonding and contouring is an aesthetic treatment, so it's typically not paid for by dental insurance. We will contact your dental insurance company to confirm if it is covered, but you will probably need to pay for the cost of the treatment on your own. At your consultation, we can discuss the estimated cost and payment options we take at our Wellesley, MA office.

Bonding and contouring is a wonderful treatment if you would like to improve minor flaws in your teeth without the expense and time of other cosmetic options. For more information about the benefits of cosmetic bonding and contouring, contact Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group to schedule a consultation and get a beautiful and healthy smile. Our Wellesley, MA dental team can't wait to help you reach your goals.

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