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Yearly dental exams are a vital component in taking a preemptive approach to maintaining the health of your smile. A thorough dental exam at Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group detects tooth decay, gum disease, cancer of oral tissues, and numerous other concerns that may be affecting your oral and total health. Generally performed at one of your bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments, oral exams allow our dental team to study your teeth, gums, bite alignment, temporomandibular joints, and other oral checkpoints. This simple exam will often enable us to immediately detect and take care of dental problems. To best preserve the health and appearance of your teeth, schedule a thorough oral examination at our Wellesley, MA practice at your earliest convenience.

About 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Thankfully, this disorder is highly treatable if diagnosed early on. Oral cancer is an irregular formation of cells that might take place in or throughout the oral cavity, like on the mouth, mid-face, tongue, salivary glands, jaws, throat, and other oral regions. At our modern dental facility, we conduct an oral cancer evaluation at every comprehensive exam to detect benign growths, malignant cells, or other concerning developments. The most common indications of oral pathology consist of abrasions, nodules, raised or rough areas, and discolored patches of tissue. The spots of concern could be removed and biopsied, or you could be referred to an oral cancer doctor for more advanced treatment.

Dr. Lee did an outstanding job on my 2 crows. Her assistant Jessica was very helpful during the procedure. Elizabeth is a wonderful hygienist and very knowledgeable. Liz at the desk was very helpful regarding my dental insurance questions. The Wellesley Office location is clean, bright, parking is available on-site with multiple spots. Office provide friendly environment. Thank you.

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Second root canal I have had with her. She is terrific!!

S.C. Google

Today was my first experience with Dr. Rafla and his wonderful, efficient, but most of all kind staff. I went to this very much dreaded appointment with no idea of what to expect. My poor teeth are so sore and they are making everything difficult. I have horrible gagging reflex which makes everything harder for those that are trying to take x rays to be able to guide me into having a proper diagnosis and treatment. Trust me when I say I was a difficult patient. I expected the doctor to say there wasn’t much hope for them. Instead after reviewing what I was giving him to work with he listed off the perfect game plan. All aspects would be easier on me and my issues and seem to offer a perfect solution. I hope Coach Bill Belechick has competition in writing a game plan. Dr Rafla can give him a run for his money. In no time at all Dr. Rafla had a plan devised to ease my pain and fix the pockets in my gums. I am anxious now to correct these problems and move forward with the plan Thank you Dr. Rafla and team for being both gentle and kind with me today.

D.W. Google

I had a few root canals done at my dentist and then the teeth cracked and needed to be extracted. I lived with the missing teeth till I found Dr Rafla and he explained that I needed a bone graph since it they had been missing so long..that took six months for the bone to regenerate and give him the depth for the implants...the implants were painless and done correctly I have been going back to them for 2 yrs to monitor the implant, check my receding gums and get a extensive cleaning every 6 months. I was then able to go back to my doctor and get Invisalign treatment. Without Dr Rafla this would not be possible. Yes I could have bought a new car, but I also could have had dental problems the rest of my life..I now don't worry and my smile is straight again.

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I had a root canal with Dr. Marta Rafla. She and everyone I've worked with in her office is incredibly nice, considerate, and professional. My root canal was quick and painless too! I was so very happily surprised with how pleasant my entire experience was. I don't usually rate and review on Google, but this office deserves the public recognition!

J.M. Google


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Wellesley, MA patients of every age benefit from oral exams. Gum disease, the primary cause of tooth loss, and oral caries may not cause obvious signs to manifest until the more progressed phases, which is why these exams are so vital. If dental concerns are detected early, our dental professionals can typically offer less invasive services for care.

Additionally, the ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that infants and toddlers visit a dentist before they turn one. To address the needs of patients at a young age, our staff can address a variety of concerns (such as tooth development and finger-sucking) and guide you in caring for your young one's teeth and gums as their oral structures evolve. Annual oral exams can help your children develop good oral habits at a young age and enable them to experience hygienic smiles for many years.

Comprehensive dental exams at our Wellesley, MA practice begin with a discussion about your oral and medical history. We might ask about any health problems or aesthetic smile aspirations you have to discover more about your total oral well-being. During certain yearly exams, a set of digital x-rays might be taken to give our dental team improved insight into the wellness of your enamel and oral bone structures. We may conduct a screening for oral cancer, check the alignment of your arches and jaw joints, and monitor your teeth for decay, as well as the comfort of any dental restorations. A gum evaluation could also be done to discover any spots of periodontal disease.

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Developing great dental health techniques (such as meticulous brushing two times per day and flossing at least once a day) may help to reduce your risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Our team performs routine dental exams, on average, once per year, frequently during one of your six-month professional teeth cleaning visits; however, we could arrange exams more frequently depending on what we find during these exams and the state of your oral health. Our facility offers a large number of effective procedures, like tooth-colored dental fillings, bridges, and porcelain veneers, to suit your special smile goals. If beneficial, our dental professionals may help you plan follow-up visits.

Dental evaluations are considered preventive, which means they are most often covered by insurance providers. Prior to your visit, someone on our staff will go over your policy and contact you with any possible extra costs. Wellesley Aesthetic Dental Group is thrilled to accept a number of easy payment options to help assure that you can obtain proper, low-cost treatment whether you have insurance or not.

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